Thanks from the artists and designers:

* Awesome job,  I sent it over to the gallery I am having a opening at and they printed it off and are handing it out to people. They wanted me to let you know that you did an awesome job of capturing who I am. Thanks again for your time. Wonderful piece.
– Chris Vance, painter

* You TOTALLY ROCK for doing that interview! You did a fantastic job! Thank you so much for the exposure and taking the time to do this! I really like the photos you used and thought everything flowed nicely. I will forward it on to my peeps.
– Julia McClurg – Lulu Bella, pet portrait painter

* Thank you so much for the nice interview.
– Matte Stephens, painter

* You did an amazing job, I really loved it and so did Liz.
– Elaine from Giant Noise, on behalf of Liz Lambert, hospitality designer

* This looks great. I appreciate all you’ve done and the respect you gave to me and my work.
– Patrick Marold, sculptor

* It was a great interview — thank you for some good searching questions. And I really like the layout with all the photos.
– David Trubridge, artist and designer

* Wow, what a beautiful job you did with this piece. If the reader does not get a good sense of my passion and range I can’t imagine where they would. I am very flattered, thanks!
– Bettye Muller, shoe designer

* Thanks so much. It is wonderful.
– Maira Kalman, writer and illustrator

* Thanks, Kathy, for the lively segment on glassybaby…the piece is wonderful.
– Nicola, from glassybaby by Lee Rhodes

* Thank you so much for a great interview! Thom really enjoyed speaking with you and appreciated your thoughtful questions. The articles were terrific.
– from the office of Thom Filicia, interior designer

* Hi Kathy!!! I have seen your website. And congratulate it. It is a great work the one that you are doing. Continue, forward!!
– Xoan Baltar, iPhone artist

* The piece is wonderful and I love the images you paired with the words! The response has been great and thanks so much for having me!!
– Rex Ray, fine artist and commercial designer

* Thanks for the wonderful job. Everyone loves it.
– Jim Nilsen, photographer

* Thank you so much! I think it reads wonderfully and the images are magnificent!!
– Francesca for jewelry designer Luna Scamuzzi

* I think it looks awesome!! Thank you so much.
– Maryanne Quinn, textile designer

* This is really great – thank you so much!! Really great job — love your writing style.
– from Michele at Pandora internet radio

* I love everything. You have done a great job! Thank you again! In the end I have to tell you it’s about how you have done all this. We live in strange times when the events taking place go beyond our understanding of what is. Your site simplifies all that chatter and takes one step at a time.
– Roberto Dutesco, photographer

* Wow wow wow. So excited and happy! Thank you for making my day. xx
– Elizabeth Kiester, fashion designer

* I see the interview. That’s great!!! I’m very HAPPY!! I wrote about my interview to my blog. Thank you very much.
– Hiroshi Yoshii, 3D illustrator

Hiroshi Yoshii posts Seeds and Fruit interview on his own blog

Hiroshi Yoshii posts Seeds and Fruit interview on his own blog

I welcome readers to post general comments here for Seeds and Fruit or to express their appreciation for all the artists and designers as a group!

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cheering 09.23.09 at 7:54 am

i posted your blog on mine.
and all my friends love it !

By The Way,i’m in China………..

admin 09.23.09 at 8:32 am

Thanks for your lovely comment and for sharing Seeds and Fruit with your friends! Yeah, China!! Love to you all, Kathryn

Erin Dace 11.13.11 at 1:11 am

I recently came across ‘seeds and fruits’ and I find to so interesting and inspiring – it’s such a great blog.

There are many people who hit a road block in their career realising what they are currently doing does not satify them. In many cases, due to financial circumstances and the general perception within society (“why change jobs when it is stable and provides a good income?”), people are too afraid to take a risk. However, reading the stories of others on this blog, who followed their dream, is beautifully inspiring. I’m a big believer in creating the life you want to live and the people interviewed on this blog have achieved just that. You are all incredibly inspiring and each of you keep me motivated to “create the life I want to live”. Thank you.
I can’t wait for the next interview!

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